Watch Euclid Grow!

So I thought it would be interesting to map out all of my exp and major money expenditures as well as the thought process behind them for Euclid. I’m just doing this voluntarily as a kind of blog for myself, but anyone is welcome to check it out.

I guess starting out I didn’t really have anything in mind to purchase. Since I didn’t have much experience with some of the more physical skills, I was interested in seeing some of those difficulties and raising them accordingly, but I’ve felt fairly satisfied with my current skills. I was planning on picking up some stealth and still do, but that doesn’t seem like such a huge priority. I think mobility is pretty cool, but I’d have to pick up 2 skills to get it (acrobatics would be nice, but specialist[melee] I’m not sure about). I was also thinking about raising my wits, survival and awareness.

I’m starting this with our latest adventure. Since Euclid has only been on 4 adventures thus far it still seems early enough to track him out. Before the first adventure listed Euclid raised melee to 3 and specialist(ranged), and spent a boatload of money on raising his will and buying mastercraft equipment.

  1. Return to the Crypt of Lord Rudia (5/20/2011)
    I hadn’t spent the previous 3 exp from the last adventure, so I have 6exp at the moment (and 1 exp towards raising will for “donating” some evil texts). I gained 52s this adventure bringing me to a total of 90s. I also acquired an Alornite Shieldblade. Pretty cool.
    • Allies: Some of the party wanted to buy each other as allies. This is a good idea!
      1. I’ve wanted to add Tempest as an ally for a while now. He’s proven himself a capable leader, and it’s always nice to have a big guy around for head bashing. (1exp)
      2. Although Torey seems to be of… dubious character at best, his skills are invaluable. Plus he’s shown a bit more courage than we give him credit for.(1exp)
    • Stamina Skills: I may as well spend my last 4exp on raising Endurance & Resist. It makes sense for my character (especially after the last adventure), and some extra hardiness is never a bad thing. (2exp endurance) (2exp resist)
    • Summary Ally(Tempest)1; Ally(Torreeee)1; Endurance 1 to 2; Resist 1 to 2; 0exp left over.
    • Future Goals I’m thinking I’d like to bump up Athletics and Might by 1 each. I also wouldn’t mind bumping up armor proficiency, so I could get some additional coverage, especially since I’m making enough money to get mastercraft stuff. I might add a few more specialties to Archery, but otherwise that feels fine. In fact, I might consider adding specialties for all of my skills, especially as they get higher. Some skills I don’t have that I’d like to pick up include: Acrobatics, Ropes & Traps, Tough, Intimidation, Gossip, Horror Resistance, Meditation. Quite a list. I’d also like to raise my wits to 3.
  2. The Shrine of 9 Omens (5/28/2011)
    After calculating my donations to the church (15%), and the money I threw around between adventures trying to find out about Alorn’s Daughter, I’m sitting at exactly 200s and some change. I’m also sitting on 4 exp (3 from the adventure and 1 month), plus 1 exp towards raising will.
    • Will I may as well go ahead and donate 90s between some of the allied faiths to get my will up to 10. This way I won’t have to worry about it any more, and it gives me another nice boost to my casting abilities. Mega-Will would be cool in the future, but I feel like I’m set for now.
    • Beginning the road to Cartography (Engineering) Euclid enjoys dabbling in mappery, but his skills are crude at best. It’s time to lay some more solid foundations in his understanding of maps. Not to mention, we just recently acquired some new maps that help in his newly appointed quest. Euclid’s going to find someone to teach him the basics of structure and design so he can both understand and create better maps of his own.
    • Summary Will 9 to 10 (90s). Engineering 1 (30s + 3exp). 1exp left over. 80s left.
    • Future Goals Euclid is kind of set on a path at this point. Besides Cartography, I honestly have no idea what I will raise next, and I’d rather remain flexible as to what will help his quest. I wouldn’t mind gaining some spells from the Alornites, especially one anti-undead spell.

Watch Euclid Grow!

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