Kudjell Deep Slavers


White skin with blue undertones, pale hair, blank white eyes. Human-like body hair, dress in furs and ar5mor. Short necks, round heads, stocky and brutally built with ham-sized fists and thick corded muscle. Frequently show translucent black teeth off with ugly, cruel grins.


Dead foes are not satisfying. They cannot be sold or tortured. Using special attacks to limit the victim’s ability to move or stay conscious help disable without damaging. They also like to attack light sources, because they can see in the dark and others often can’t. They developed their own form of hand to hand combat for slaving without damaging merchandise.

They often use repeating crossbows, a symbol of their culture, the bolts tipped with poison that disables foes.


They harvest spellcasters for special slave duty in their underground empire. How that works is unknown, but scholars suspect that they trade spellcasters to some hideous force deep in the earth that rewards them for the living lore spellcasters represent. Not many who are caught by the Deep Slavers and make it down to their empire see the light of day again, and those that do are usually incurably insane.

Deep slavers compete for exotic or obnoxious slaves, as their social currency is in skill slaving. This motivates them as they encounter others.

Kudjell Deep Slavers

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