Standing between 1 and 2 meters tall, gilver are slight and oddly graceful. They never blink. They do not breathe. Their bodies contain no moisture. Their expressions have a certain range, but it is difficult for them to convey their sincerity.

Their skin tone can be any color, but most are colored similarly to the Sky People. They have between 3 and 7 digits on each of their limbs. Naturally androgynous, it is difficult to tell the males from the females. They are all hairless, though some wear wigs to fit in better.

Their eyes are dark and deep, unsettling to look into. When they are pleased, they hum faintly. Their features are generally sharp, though as they age their features wear down, like an eroding cliff face.


They prefer to rely on plans and using tools to make the job easier. Knowing it is difficult for them to replenish their numbers, they use traps, trained animals or servants, terrain, and weapons to discourage attackers. They almost never attack, focusing more on defending themselves or their settlements.


Their numbers have been steadily diminishing since Mekk was subverted to become Necromekk. Scarcity brings value. Slavers are eager to get them, to sell them to jaded nobles and collectors who want servants with an exotic flair. Their innate talent with machinery and construction makes them highly prized engineers.

The toys they make, and the weapons, are famed for their craftsmanship and quirky abilities. Anyone who could find a settlement of gilver and set up a trade route would do very well until a more aggressive operation took over—but gilver are likely to just vanish one day, once the location of a settlement is known. They are far more wary than they once were.

Legendry & Lore

These were Mekk’s contribution as the sentient races flowed from their gods. Constructs with life added mystically, they have the intellect of sentient races, and they can reproduce after a fashion, but there is scholarly debate as to whether they truly live. To reproduce, they build a new member with a secret process known only to them, then they pool the community’s life force; in theory, the synergy creates enough excess to fuel a new member without diminishing those present. Individuals or couples can also energize new members of the race, though this is costly to their own energy.

The difficulty is that they can no longer ask Mekk for the energy for new members. Now a god of undeath, Mekk has animated some offerings, but the result was not pleasing.

With their patron turned undead, the gilver suffer from a draw towards necromatic energies. Their settlements are banned from many civilized places, even as individuals are sought.

They have a talent; they can put a bit of their life force into a construct and make it animate to some degree. Therefore, their craftsmanship is highly sought after. Unfortunately, many of their most potent creations are most useful to necromancers now.

Entire family units have fallen to the seduction of wielding unnatural powers. When they become conduits of the death energies of Necromekk, they are a force to be reckoned with, as they have a natural talent to channel those energies into constructs made of the remains of sentients.

April 9, 2011


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