Gelbrian Masker


The thing is rubbery, pale, and its features and shape are undefined like a base for a wax sculpture before work begins. As its colorless yet somehow gold eyes twitch with untraceable movement, its form seems to echo shapes and suggestions of ideas before unfurling into a shape.

  • In the space of heartbeats, the weird textureless flesh of the creature fills out into clothing shapes and textures, features, forming hair, skin, sweat, bootleather with disturbing ease.


Maskers survive by showing their targets what their targets expect to see. Showing something unexpected triggers further examination. While those who are always on the alert can be tiresome, if they see something that makes sense, they may not pry.

  • Maskers in lairs tend to shape to form prisoners to be rescued, or corpses. If the invaders are looking for someone in particular, the maskers may take that shape; at least long enough to escape, and then plot revenge from a safe distance.
  • If something goes wrong, sometimes they shift to a tear-stained youth and thank their attackers profusely for saving them from an enchantment.
  • Maskers in public or involved in intrigues tend to identify their targets, consider which forces nearby would be best suited for wiping those targets out, then use imitation of authority figures or the targets themselves to set up a chain of events that inevitably results in crushing the target without exposing the masker to harm.
  • If pressed to the point of combat, maskers will try to win free and make a break for it, shifting form as quickly as possible. If that is not possible, they go for a grapple, and copy the one they grapple, to confuse allies. It will use fists and weapons as needed.


  • Maskers particularly hate the descendants of the Baffralian nobility. Even now, over five centuries after the Baffralian regime lost power, maskers still haunt their steps. Maskers seem more interested in dragging these victims into misery, where death is good enough for more mundane foes.
  • Maskers enjoy the invulnerability of their illusory and persuasive powers. This is a hideous game, played for lives and sanity. Sometimes they reveal their identity to their victims when it is too late to affect the outcome.
  • Maskers are perfectly willing to serve as masters for those who need leadership, and use them in nefarious schemes.
  • Maskers will sometimes trail a group to assume the identity of a member, to get close enough to steal enchanted objects. They like the feel and taste of magic next to their skin.


  • Maskers go out of their way to collect enchanted items. Otherwise, all the pretty wealth is a way to keep score in the game of power, to buy leverage, to crush those who need it more.
  • Maskers can put an emergency stash of items in their ribcage.
  • Some maskers keep trophies from Baffralian nobility they’ve crushed.

Gelbrian Masker

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