Adventure 6 Quotes: Prince Erin's Folly

From Adventure 6:

Euclid dealing with being jumped by pirates.
“You guys just pissed in Midrian’s cornflakes. I’m going to bless us.” — Euclid

Shaun extolling the virtues of being a Midrianite.
“I’m not evil in any form and I get to kill people and get will back.” — Shaun

Description of Hirsch using mad athletics skills slaughtering pirates.
“Mountain Goat Hirsch goes airborne!” — GM

Explaining the pirate’s seemingly futile resistance to Kira’s vicious attacks.
“Fighting seems better than bending over and grabbing his ankles.” — GM

Discussing the “light” spell on Hirsch’s helmet.
“Your hat is glowing.” — GM
“I feel light headed!” — Hirsch

Sometimes the thrill of battle overwhelms any tactical discussion beforehand.
“Kira runs in like Leroy Jenkins!” — Michael

Describing the undead reefcrawler bound in a web spell.
“Its like chewing its way through stubborn cotton candy.” — GM

When down in the dark, it’s good to be in the light.
“We have light behind us, which make me feel better, because I am behind us.” — Kira

Always a challenge, describing combat mechanics.
“What I’m going to do is take your blessing and stick it in your advantage.” — GM

Well… theoretically, poison dust MIGHT make brass knuckles deadler… right?
“I’m not putting my hand in your bag of death.” — Kira

Punching whirling gearworks can seem unwise to the timid.
“Great. I can be a ‘stump to stump’ specialist.” — Kira

It’s all about context. She didn’t understand. They were the BAD GUYS.
“You’re killing Optimus Prime, you bastages!” — Kristy, just walking through as the party slew the gearguards.

Gearguards. Walking clockwork gear things. How to describe them?
“It’s an erector set, and it plays with itself constantly. That’s why it’s blind.” — GM

Speculation on what kind of damage might be more effective.
“It doesn’t have bashy bits.” — Rothchilde

You know your legend is growing when a 1 hit, 1 kill specialist strike is named after you.
“You ‘Rooked’ that thing!” — Everybody

The party is creating a hostile working environment for the pantheon.
“My god totally dominated your god.” — Kira

Adventure 6 Quotes: Prince Erin's Folly

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