Adventure 5 Quotes: The Star Vault

Before the adventure even begins, the GM explains the truth about necromancers.
“You’re not really a necromancer until you’ve dipped a chip in a zombie.” – GM

The GM tells Landru he might not wander away from the party just yet.
“Watch Tory. When he starts looting things, it’s safe.” – GM

Rook is baffled by this adventure.
“The Rocks are throwing rocks…I’m going home.” – Rook

Rook feels better after unleashing some murder…on rocks.
“I can’t kill skeletons, but I can kick the crap out of rocks.” – Rook

The party finds a mysterious dagger that smells faintly of fine wine.
“It smells like debauchery. It’s a Debauchery Dagger.” – Rook

Belstaag Bob has a new tagline for himself.
“Belstaag Bob: Diplomat of Steel and Violence.” – Bob

The armored guardian whirls to attack Bob and Landru.
“Great. It’s Grievous-ing us.” – Rook

Rook is now looking very closely at all the rocks in the dungeon.
“If it’s making faces at me, I’m stabbing it.” – Rook

Toriee discovers treasure.
“What’s in the black velvet bag?” – Torey
“Diamonds.” – GM
“It is Tivol!” – Bob

Torhee has an interesting way of asking Rothchilde for some mage lights.
“Start pooping those balls, boy.” – Toriey

Rook ponders the hazards of listening at a door before checking it for traps.
“It’s the Van Gogh door.” – Rook

Torie signals to Bob that something is snoring behind one door, and the other door is cold.
“I love Elf Charades!” – Rook

Landru suggests we should block the cold door somehow, as Torie gets out his spikes.
“Señor Paranoia agrees with you.” – Rook

The GM points out that someone probably knows we’re here.
“Perhaps the trail of corpses was a clue.” – GM

We discover a pile of boxes and barrels.
“It may be stuff!” – Rothchilde

Rook is happy she managed to throw her shortsword at the fleeing Masker and hit him.
“I Chiros-ed this guy.” – Rook

After some discussion about a greater plot at work, Tory gets us all back on track.
“What does he have in his pockets?” – Torrie

Torheey makes a discover that Maskers have a secret compartment inside their bodies.
“Maskers are like piñatas!” – Rothchilde

Adventure 5 Quotes: The Star Vault

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