Adventure 4 Quotes: Atarin's Delve

Belstaag Bob waited for the guard to make the first move.
“If he pulls out his hammer, I’ll pull out my axe.” – Bob

Torey examined the large cauldron of crab chowder.
“They put a whole cow of butter in there.” – Toriee

Bob suddenly shows a level of respect for crustaceans.
“And that’s how we handle crab killers where I come from.” – Bob

The NPC guard explains the crab problem.
“Big crabs. I mean, they taste good, but damn.” – GM

Toreyh gets to act first in a surprise attack.
“This is your ‘Elf of Opportunity’.” – GM

The party ties a leash around a prisoner and hands it to Pansy.
“Pansy has a pet bandit.” – GM
“Can I keep it?” – Pansy

Pansy, now armored, has a new job of opening doors for the murderous party.
“You’re like the Butler of Doom. You open the door and let doom out.” – Torrii

The party had a few instances of overkill that day.
“Would you like to see the ragdoll physics of his corpse?” – GM

Torrie explains to the party that Xander is pretty tough even without armor. At least we think that’s what he meant.
“Naked, he’s not bad.” – Tohriee

Adventure 4 Quotes: Atarin's Delve

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