Vynthala Dagger

Silver, Wine, Beauty, and Murder

weapon (melee)

Elfmake mastercraft (decorative beauty, effective silver alloy) silver dagger (Strength + 2)d L.

  • As an action, hold the dagger and spend 1 current Will and speak the command word “Vynthala.” The tip of the dagger pours out 1 serving of tasty aged wine that echoes the user’s personality.
  • If the wine is not drunk, it magically evaporates in 10 minutes.
  • Estimated value: 20 sina.

This beautiful slender dagger is worked in eldritch stitching of sigils and enchantments. Rubies grace the pommel, the color of deep red wine. It is primarily a show piece, with the word “Vynthala” carved into its blade. The word itself is a cognate between Gaesic and the language of the elves, implying “Wine and Magic.”

The wizard Rothchilde received this weapon as a trophy wrested from the moonrocks in the Star Vault.

Vynthala Dagger

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