"The Ice Thorn"


It looks like an icicle the length of a shortsword, chased in runes of Gaesic. It has a steel grip.

3 Power. 15 exhaustion reserve.


  • Hot Blood. The character counts as being 1 category warmer than others.
  • Start Fire. Creates a 1 intensity fire for up to 12 rounds.
  • Heat Cup. Warms the contents of a bowl or cup, no bigger than 2 cupped hands. Contents cannot be made hot enough to inflict damage.

Chill Blast (3)
Cast in 1 full round. Casts a cone 1 meter long per Power, 1/2 as wide as its length at any point. Inflicts automatic bashing on those in the cone, equal to the caster’s Power.

  • If cast with a Will spent in addition, instead does 1/2 Power lethal damage.
  • If cast a second round, after being cast with Will, and with a current Will and a bashing health level, 1/2 Power is dice where successes are aggravated.

Estimated value 250 sina.


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