Delicate Assassin.


Possesses the Ring of the Hunter.


Quinn, minus her weapons and armor looks like your typical street rat. At 5’6" she’s not short but she’s extremely thin, probably malnourished and looks much younger than her 19 years. Her looks give her the advantage to sneak through or blend into just about any crowd. And, she’s well versed in making herself look like a proper young lady when properly motivated, hinting at some sort of ties with the more well-to-do than she’s willing to discuss. She has light blue eyes that barely show beneath the mass of dark brown hair she leaves down to better obscure her features.

Somehow, she’s managed to find a decent working relationship with Hirsh despite both their better judgement. Hirsh scouts and distracts long enough for Quinn to complete a targeted strike.

Quinn also openly wears a symbol of Lunesta.


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