Fantasy Masks

Dyson's Delve

The Secret Lair Revealed

Timothy of Gisselex, a towering Alornite willing servant, led Baraz Gundu and Guntham of Dunmer on an expedition.

Turns out a slaver cult and a cult of dark gross secrets ganged up to make travel to Ulbor (and therefore trade) difficult. So the church of Alorn sent them to find a possible hideout of the cults, who might be working together.

They made it two days out in the badlands, finding an entrance and knocking off some local wildlife (huge rats and ferrets.) Swift, stealthy,and murderous, they killed a pile of goblins and some hobgoblins, taking their stuff. They went downstairs, finding more goblins and hobgoblins and dispatching them with shocking speed. Loaded with loot, they retreated to base camp to bury the spoils, then returned with reinforcements.

Yakhi Hush and Onan Zeheb Silvertongue joined them. They explored further the next day, finding that the slaver cult didn’t want them there. They shied away from the undead after a couple clashes, and withdrew in frustration, not sure how to find the lair they sought.

They found a goblin staked out and left to die for religious reasons, and in exchange for his freedom he showed them the back entrance the slavers were using, far below in the next valley over. Invigorated by signs of progress, they hacked through some killer flies, and a couple manticores, freeing a goblin population from tyranny.

With the manticore horde, they had more than they could easily get back to civilization. They staggered out loaded with loot and delighted at how easy this adventuring was, and headed back to town.

They were richly rewarded by the Ulbor Guilder Council for finding a slaver hideout, and they retired or went on with prestigious careers. The end.



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