Adventure 3c Quotes from Invading Skybane Forge

Quotes from the third installment of Invading Skybane Forge:

Rothchilde comes up with a plan.
“Wizards are smart!” – GM

Toree is off scouting and possibly dying.
“Move towards the light.” – Tory

Pansy is hefting a corpse while running down the stairs.
Pansy’s Flopping Corpse. Sounds like a restaurant name.” – Bob

I don’t remember any context for this quote.
“Crotch shots do not make your ears pointy.” – GM

Bob isn’t always about strategy – sometimes he justs like to chop things with his axe.
“Hurting is hurting.” – Bob

Torie tells Rook and Bob to stop killing the monster they’re chopping on after supposedly figuring out what it is.
“You’re wacky!” – Rook

Rook laments spending her Will in combat.
“I need some more Will, so let’s go do something stupid.” – Rook

While the party argues about what to do next, Rook is trying to figure out what happened here.
“But why is there a dead necromancer in the closet?”

Again, I don’t know the context. I probably don’t want to know.
“The elf grabs his nipples.” – GM
“They’re pointy like his ears!” – Rook

If the elf starts screaming while scouting, we know he’s found something.
“This is non-consensual scouting.” – GM

Adventure 3c Quotes from Invading Skybane Forge

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