Adventure 3b Quotes: Invading Skybane Forge

Quotes from the second installment of the Skybane Forge adventure:

Bob raises his Awareness skill. The GM points out his new abilities.
“You have a new kind of Awareness there, Bob.” – GM
“Yeah, but I don’t care.” – Bob

Rook stares down the last of the Reef Crawlers (all two of them), using her Intimidate skill.
“I’m rolling it, you little freak.” – Rook

Torie rejoices in the use of healing potions.
“Great! Now I’m only crippled!” – Torey

Bob knows a lot about tracking.
Somebody’s walking on the path. That’s why it’s a path.” – Bob

The GM describing a funny-looking water feature that isn’t a water feature.
“There are certain rules about pools.”

Adventure 3b Quotes: Invading Skybane Forge

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