Adventure 2 Quotes: Department of Deathnitire Studies

From the Deathnitre adventure (3/28/11):

Torey was heavily prestidigitated by Rothchilde after a month of sleeping on the streets.
“He smells like Elf Bath & Beyond.” – GM

Bob was excited about his Awareness roll.
“I found a bench!” – Bob

The GM was describing the way the air smelled in the first hallway.
“Sort of a candy-death smell.” – GM

The GM describing our resident Boggie, Pansy, to the rest of the party.
“She’s sort of like a Soviet tractor midget.” – GM

Pansy’s view from the middle of the party.
“She sees shiny armored buttocks.” – GM

Rothchilde successfully casts a Web spell down a hallway full of Orphan Rats. Bob is impressed.
“I’m just happy he missed me with the sticky.” – Bob
“I’m just that good.” – Rothchilde

Rothchilde nukes a Shadowplayer with his impressive light sphere.
“Great. You ‘Last Starfighter’ the poor thing.” – GM

The fancy traps leave the party in awe and terror.
“I don’t know what kind of Dwarven toyland you’re in.” – GM

Adventure 2 Quotes: Department of Deathnitire Studies

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