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  • Adventure 1: Dolbay's Cellars

    In Dural Freehold, the small town of Egrebek is having some difficulty. The new lord of the town, Sir Adelon Fosswither, is only 24. He faces a crisis, an ancient evil revivified for modern times.

    About five miles through tough scrubby badlands

  • Adventure 2: Department of Deathnitre Studies

    The University of Annwheat, a fine and renowned institution of higher learning, has a Department of Deathnitre Studies located under its Alchemy Studies division. Considering deathnitre is capable of reanimating corpses and creating death-energy echoes

  • Adventure 3d: Invading Skybane Forge


    Pansy got pretty drunk last night. She was not used to so much adoring attention. She really got going on telling stories; you vaguely remember her getting a real laugh out of the story with the dead necromancer in the closet and

  • Adventure 4: Atarin's Delve


    Doria Elswhet was a courier with the Travelers Guild, on her way to Annwheat with some gifts from the Pria trade route intended for the Queen. While she was overnighting at the Ulbor Guildhouse, under the protection of the Guilder

  • Adventure 5: The Star Vault


    Lord Helsweut thinks he rules Avadall Township. He can be excused the delusion, as Baron Folwyn granted him title and lands there. A number of other local rulers find themselves laboring under the delusion that the

  • Adventure 6: Prince Erin's Folly


    Magus Grylandar is not with the Tower Guild, not anymore. Hasnt been for decades. But he has a reputation among treasure hunters as a canny employer who is more than fair to those who carry out missions on his behalf

  • Crypt of Lord Rudia

    Port Selver is plagued by an infestation of evil. The quiet river town has been losing several young men and women a week who simply vanish; several more turn up dead in the alleys behind taverns or floating down the river. Monsters are striking without

  • Adventure 8: Return to the Crypt of Lord Rudia

    Snow drifted around them as they trudged back from the haunted darkness beneath the mountain. By the time they were halfway back, the drizzle of snow had become a torrent, and only the sheerest luck got them back to the village in the snow-battered

  • Adventure 9: Shrine of Nine Omens

    Proteaxalan Yushun seems pretty harmless. The Drac loves to fish and to cook, and draws from a profound fund of theological legendry and amusing anecdotes when entertaining his friends. For decades, he has used humor and theological gravitas to keep

  • Adventure 10: Rellik Arena

    Zenthres 14, 1231

    While relaxing in a tavern in the grand city of Ulbor, a number of characters were caught up in a raid by the Ulbor Town Guard. A group traveling together consisted of