Fantasy Masks

Will Travel for Food

Getting Ready for Winter

As the month of Mokthres runs its course and autumn draws near a close, the Syr summons Rook and the crew to the Tower to discuss winter plans. The new Guildmaster is still susceptible to corruption if dealing with the old Guildmaster’s contacts, so the Syr asks Rook and her crew to take 500 sina to the port city and secure winter supplies with the assistance of the guardsman Danwig, who has made the run before.

They take 500 sina, some peasants and carts and hogs, and their weapons to make the trip. On the way they put down some animated constructs. When they arrive in town, Rothchilde uses his magic to arrange for better deals from merchants, and the crew visit the Tracer Guild ship (the Medusa) in port as well as the wizard tower for various supplies and intelligence. Aggro hires a monster trainer, Sexton, to help train his dangerous lizard mount.

They end up with massive amounts of flour, salt fish, and iron rations, as well as a supply of medicine. Rothchilde buys some spells, and Euclid gets a pair of invisibility potions.

On the way back they battle undead constructs; Aggro takes the cursed blade from the leader of the undead, and it merges with the bones in his forearm.

Upon their return, they are greeted by gangers and townsfolk alike, heralded as heroes. Sexton starts training Terrence, the poison lizard mount.

Scouts see another party on the road the next day, and the crew rides out in the morning to meet them. Turns out it is dwarves, fighting off constructs, then traveling back to town with the crew. Their clanhome was wrecked, and this faction is headed to reclaim the glory of Dweredell from before when the dwarves were forced to abandon it.



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