Fantasy Masks

Good Neighbors

Making friends and influencing people

They decided to stay in the Syr’s tower instead of going back to the Guardhouse. They rested, and in the morning gave a full report to the Syr. Meanwhile, Euclid rode a hog along the dwarf road and caught up to them, escorted in to the rest of the crew as rumors spread.

Euclid made short work of healing the injured, then they left their loot at the tower under Captain Celadon’s protection and went back to their new home.

They were met by Tyreese, one of the influential people among the Silec. He said that the Silec would be good neighbors to the adventurers, if they would do something for the Silec. The Guildmaster trades pomegranate seeds (a necessary component of refining silec to be a potent drug) in exchange for harvests of the bluish wheat, and… other things. However, they have gotten fewer and fewer seeds for more and more work. They suspect his connection is drying up, and he’s making the most of his remaining supply.

They feel they’ve already earned his reserve. However, they can’t steal it; they tried, and he had two big guards that stopped them violently. The Guildmaster threatened awful retribution, horrible things, if they tried again. They won’t; the adventurers never smoked silec and aren’t members of the commune at this point.

The crew liked the idea of hurting the Guildmaster’s power, so they went with a guide around to the sewers behind the Guardhouse. Then they went in, finding two brute flesh golems. Euclid peppered them with arrows, Rothchilde blasted one, and it was down to Rook and Agro to finish them off. Then Euclid cast magical silence so Agro could batter down the store room door in peace, and they robbed the Guildmaster of the box of seeds and some fine beverages, leaving him the rest of his treasures.

They gave the box of seeds to the Silec, who had an expert find and remove poison needles and defeat the live snake in the box as a trap. They celebrated independence, a supply of seeds to last a good long while.

The crew explored the rest of their new dwarven monastary/fort/greathouse. Then they headed to the market, and met with some brutes that brought sheep down from the mountains, for trade.

As they mingled in the town celebration, the brutes confided in Agro that there was a dragon in the mountains raiding the dwarven ruins for loot; could be a lucrative kill for them.

They spent the night in the dwarfhold, with gifts the Silec gave them to be more comfortable (like straw mats, cheeses, and the like.) The next morning they went to the marketplace and invited Rothchilde’s mercenary swordsman to join them at the fort, and he agreed. The guard at the gate told them the guildmaster wanted to see them, so they went to his office. He offered them reward to go kill the dragon, and they all flatly refused and left. They swung by the Syr’s tower and got their magical objects.

Over the next week, 15 Silec chose to call the dwarfhold home and live with the adventurers, cooking and cleaning and such. The adventurers got to know the Silec better, toured the area, worked on restoring the fort, and so on. Rothchilde focused on identifying some of the rich magical objects they previously liberated.

The adventurers started seeing the dwarf hold as home.



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