5'9" Human Sorcerer - Black hair \ Green eyes

Strength 3 Perception 5 Memory 5
(searcher) (name/faces)
Meele 3 Awareness 1
Dexterity 4 Intellegence 5 Manipulation 5
(Coordinated) (Magic Attack) (Must Know)
Specialist (magic) 2 Sorcery 4
Stamina 3 Wits 4 Charisma 5
Endurance 4 (Initiative) (Damage Control)
Resist 1 Focus 4 Meditation 3
Horror resistance 1
Language Skyva 3
Language Gaesic 4
Lang. Dracolithic 3

Willpower: 6
Power: 5 (With Wand 8)

Backing: 2/1 Tower Guild
Contacts: 1/0 Tower Guild
Devotion: 2 Felestria – Elves and Magic
Ally: Kerrak – 1
Ally: Mertyn – 1

Magical Possessions
the Golden Sphere.
2 evertorches, one blue (from Dolbay, a grim room for an executioner) and one he purchased in case he loaned the other out to the adventuring group.
the Vynthala Dagger.
the Broggotch Codex.
the wand Selyvrius, the Ice Thorn.
Potion of Armor
Potion of Dark Vision
Potion of Healing – 2
Ring – Heal Lethal as Bashing
Coin – 4 dice/Per day (success creates mira)
Armband – Swap out clothing for armor + 1 load

Spells -

In Spellbooks In Memory
0 – Pass Note 0 – Cleanse
0 – Read Aloud 0 – Foreboding
0 – Render Illegible 0 – Light
0 – Render Legible 0 – Magesight
1 – Brilliance 0 – Remote
1 – Charm 1 – Charm
1 – Clarity Script 1 – Knock Out
1 – Compress Knowledge 1 – Magic Missle
1 – Create Authority Ink 1- Read Language
1 – Mappery 1 – Shield
1 – Translate 2 – Armor
1 – Suppress Script 2 – Keen
2 – Aware 2 – Levitate
2 – Immobile 2 – Web
2 – Squirming Script 3 – Fireball
2 – Stealthy
3 – Energy Shield

Quote – “I’m just that good.”

Born Chadwick Thornton Rothchilde IV of a very wealthy family. He is strong, quick, and stalwart. He is brilliant, alert and quick witted. He is very handsome man, gib and beguiling. On top of that he was born with the gift of magic. It is no wonder that all of his siblings hated him.

He was trained in the arts of magic and guided away from his family’s influence. He joined the Tower Guild and they proposed that for his training they move him far from the Dracolithic empire to keep the Rothchilde influence out of the guild. Evanston jumped at the chance to escape his gilded cage and see the world.

He has a loads of raw potential but channels it into magic. Not terribly scholarly, Rothechilde (as he calls himself) had a deep seated love for the breaking of things. (Too many pretty things that he was forbidden to touch as a child). Due to this inclination he took to being a mercenary for the Tower guild, doing various jobs.

He received a protector of sorts, the lovely and deadly winner of one of the Belstaag Tower competition, Rook. She is whirling dervish of death, and Rothchilde is happy to work with her and the group of individuals that he has had an opportunity to adventure with.

As he has continued to adventure, he has become very pleased with their success under the command of Tempus. He has decided that unless a situation comes along that he is forced to work, he would prefer to work with his current team. They all have their quirks but have been very successful. Unbeknown to most of them he lead an expedition into an old Mech temple. While they succeeded in the expedition, it was rather touch and go with himself as the team leader.

This adventure also allowed him to procure a wand that has increased his ability to dole out more destruction. It is one of his new prized possessions. He had also found some ancient scrolls that he parlayed into training in the Script Authority magic. He is trying to figure out a way to use some of his new found talents to gain more cash to further increase his spell book.

In the last assignment that he joined group on, Euclid found a sword belonging to the followers a lost god. The group has decided to investigate this and see if they can find out what happened to her. Secretly Rothchilde likes having some credit with the order of Alorn and St. Midrian. They can be good allies if the group runs into serious trouble.

The group received the opportunity to assault a slaver complex. While Rothchilde would have jumped at the opportunity, this group held Deep Slavers. A species that shed magic like water off a duck. He decided to take the opportunity to instead work on garnering further magic spells and collating the contents of a couple magical tomes into one traveling tome. He has gained a few more spells to work with but focuses now on increasing his power in The Art.


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