Archer of St. Midrian


Euclid is about 6’3", 200lbs with shoulder-length ratty blonde hair. Piercing blue eyes, and a curious demeanor. Bristling at the strictures of Alorn, he quickly embraced the ideals of St. Meridian, his faith only surpassed by his love of new locations and breaking new ground.

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Str 3; Might 2; Archery 5+2; Melee 3
Dex 4; Athletics 1; Specialist(Ranged) 2; Armor Prof. 1
Sta 3; Endurance 2; Resist 2
Percep 3; Awareness 3; Tracking 3
Intel 2; Survival 3; Engineering 1
Wits 2; Equip 2; Skyva 3; Butchok 1
Memory 2; Region Know 1; Recall 2
Manip 2
Charisma 3; Channeling 3

Willpower 10; Init 6; Backing/M-backing St. Meridian 2; Devotion/M-Devotion 3; Fate 1
Ally(Tempest)1; Ally(Torree)1

Stuff: Mastercraft/recurve Longbow; Craftsman Leather Torso; Rudia’s Shieldblade.


In xxxx, a shepherd from the mountains who is now a soldier in the army, finds himself on the front lines of the battle. Sent on a suicidal charge against the invading army, he uses impressive marksmanship skills— taught to him by his grandfather from a young age— to save himself and a brother of St. Midrian.

From that point on, he embraced adventure and the defense of the good folk whom strike out upon the frontiers.


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