7'4" Brute berserker, 270lbs, 25yo

Dexterity 4 Stamina 5 Strength 5
Athletics 2 Berserker 5 Dangerous 3
Body Building 3 Melee 5+1
Endurance 3 Might 3
Resist 3
Tough 3
Intelligence 1 Memory 1 Perception 2
Awareness 3
Charisma 1 Manipulation 1 Wits 2
Horror Resistance 1

16 bashing +2 (tough) +6 (stamina) +7 (armor) +1 (berserker)
9 lethal +1 (tough) +1 (berserker) +7 (armor)

+1 bruised (brute) +2 maimed (body Building) +2 wounded while frenzied (berserker)

Weapon accuracy and damage
Accuracy: +7d (strength) +5d (melee) +1dM (melee mega) +1d (2H axe) +1d (if multiple opponents)
damage: +7dL (strength) +6dL (2H axe) +(accuracy)dL +3L (dangerous)


They are called the unstoppable.

400 pounds of metal and Brute charging across the battle field, wielding all manner of massive swords, axes, and pole arms. No man can stop their charge; they weigh into combat swinging away, completely devoid of pain or reason. Only when every last foe has fallen do they relent.

To fell even one takes a score of men, lucky is the side they fight for… so long as they recognize friend in their fury.


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