Fantasy Masks

Adventure 3c: Invading Skybane Forge

"Oh. THERE they are."

Lunthres 3, 1230.

Belstaag Bob, Tory, Rothchilde, Rook, and Pansy. After a half an hour of rest, they explored further, discovering they had come into the brute area of the complex the back way. They pulled back, heading back down to the deeps and finding the nearly impenetrable barrier protecting the old forge. Tory breezed past it, and they avoided various traps to get into the dwarven territory.

The slaughter of truculent dwarves continued apace. The invaders took a turn to a haunted area and killed a succubus for variety, then returned to the dwarf-slaying. The dwarven leader confronted them with a hand-picked honor guard, and after Rothchilde webbed them down a bit they were summarily dispatched by the invaders, who retrieved the grudge knife and withdrew.

As they were celebrated by an awed populace of the town, having done in two days what the whole town could not have managed, Tory took Belstaag Bob aside.

After all… there was sure to be more treasure down there. Things they missed.

Adapted from material in the Forge of Fury module.

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