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“Safety for Glory: The Adventurer’s Trade.” The motto has a double meaning. A trade like an occupation, what adventurer’s do. And also, the trade that they make; security and obscurity in exchange for danger and its rewards…

The Brodlian Freeholds have emerged from a vicious civil war. As the calendar continues to unwind, courageous adventurers who met for previous exploits now gather for a quest that affects the pantheon itself.


Sleeping title

Yeila is now known as the Sleeping Goddess. She was born of sorrow, for her father Alorn led her mother Lunestra out of the sway of ruling the dead. Because of that sorrow, she can grant the uneasy dead eternal peace.

Four thousand years ago, necromancers almost corrupted Yeila into becoming a goddess of death herself; her followers sacrificed deeply to prevent her corruption. As a result, she was sealed away, sleeping. Her Shining City was destroyed by her followers. They carried on even without her divine support, hunting necromancers and destroying the deathnitre that allowed the dead to rise and slay.

And Now the Quest

Euclid is a holy man following St. Midrian, a way of following Alorn. As he and his colleagues freed Count Rudia’s Tomb of vile undead and demons, he encountered shocking evidence that Alorn had a daughter. He realized it was his fate to find out what became of her, and if possible, to bring her back to combat the growing tide of undead corrupting the world.

The Cast
Euclid, questing holy man of St. Midrian, scion of Alorn, and deadly archer.
Tempest, stalwart warrior and no-nonsense leader when it comes to combat.
Rothchilde, brutal wizard aristocrat finding a purpose that magic and ease could not provide.
Tory, elven expert at circumventing security and getting paid. (Still won’t decide how to spell his name.)
Pansy, tough little boggie with piles of muscle and moxie.

Mara Nocturne, enigma who has yet to meet the other heroes in this ensemble cast…

Let’s see how it goes.

The current year is 1231 FR.

Updated March 2012

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“Fantasy Masks” is a system built by Andrew Shields with continuing play testing.

Fantasy Masks

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