Map Challenge, May 2011

It’s time for a map challenge!

All you need is here.*

Dream up a compelling background story. Key the map with awesome room descriptions, treasure, magical effects, traps, and monsters. Don’t worry about the stats. The map that I think is the most excellent will get full stats (including monsters new and old, treasure conversion if needed, spells or powers, and magic loot). Then the creator can choose to run the map for the group, or I will.

There are 37 keyed areas, but you do not need to use them all. One thing that must be included is scale: is a square 1 meter, 2 meters, or 3 meters?

Maps must be turned in by July 1. We will play through the winning map in August.

This map was constructed here, using Dyson Logos’s geomorph tiles. Very cool stuff!

  • Mark pointed out the link didn’t work. I think I fixed it—please let me know!

Map Challenge, May 2011

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