Calendar, Freeholds

The Freeholds calendar is based on the Dracolithic Imperial Calendar, only with a different starting year.

The year is divided into twelve months (and one day between the end of one year and the beginning of the next.) There are three weeks per month, and ten days per week.


Months can be abbreviated by dropping the “thres.” So Varthres is Var, Scythres is Scyth, etc.

The first day of Prothres is the spring equinox.

The last day of Khorthres is the summer solstice.

The first day of Silthres is the autumn equinox.

The first day of Gothres is the winter solstice.

Avataris is not within a month, but above them all, celebrating the world’s connection to the gods. Not everyone likes this holiday. However, it is a traditional time for giving gifts and telling religious stories.


April 5, 2011

Calendar, Freeholds

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