Flying ship.

  • 10 meters bow to stern. 4 meters tall. 6 meter mast.
  • 10 person capacity, 4 sleep below deck and 5 on deck.The captain has a small cabin to the aft.
  • Rise or fall 20 meters in 5 seconds. Forward up to 60 meters in 5 seconds. Backwards up to 5 meters in 5 seconds.
  • Cruising speed of 40 kilometers an hour.
  • Wood soaks 8 B/L, has 6 health levels before breaching.
  • Ceiling of 500 meters.
  • The ship has an anchor on a 50 meter chain.

The ship is keyed to Pickwiggins and will only respond to his commands.

Estimated value: 2,000 sina.


The elegant Skyrider is about 10 meters from bow to stern, its sides about 4 meters tall. Shaped like a sailing ship, it has a deck with a railing and one mast, with a triangular sail connected to the bow and another on the mast. An elevated deck on the back has the helm, with peculiar runes blazed into it and a strange stone in the center of the wheel that provides the ship with its lift. The captain has a small cabin to the aft.

The ship was crafted by Trevass Sea Magic. It was lost by a sea wizard to Pickwiggins in a brutal game of dice. Now the ship is mystically keyed to Pickwiggins, and it will work for no one else.


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