Yahki Hush

Our little honey tongued assassin...


Yahki is average height for a woman, but well muscled and athletic. She is good with swords and poisons and has had many years of learning to live successfully on the street until she was recruited into the Traveler’s Guild. She uses a shortsword and knife when fighting and she wears leather armor. She has black hair and teal eyes and has always had a desire to see new sights, new experiences. She has some devotion to the god Sim, desiring to use her services to help destroy those who would threaten order.


She was most recently hired by the dwarven Silvertongue family to help liberate (note: not free) the black sheep of the family and to help monitor his actions. She currently travels with Onan and Baraz, seeking adventure and treasure and fulfillment.

Yahki Hush

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