A 3 foot, 50 pound acrobatic, stealthy, juggling Boggie with attitude.


Random was a randomly generated character.

He may only be 3 Foot tall and 50 pounds but he is capable.

Just a highlight some general stats for those of you that know Masks:

Dexterity of 6
Juggling and legerdemain of 3
Stealth and Mobility of 2

Strength of 3
Melee of 4
Dangerous and Might of 3

Perception of 5, Wits of 4 and an Initiative of 10 before rolling.


First of all, no, he cannot pick locks. Why go to all the trouble of breaking into someone’s house when they willing to fill their pockets full of coin and bring it out into the open. Seriously, why bother picking locks when there are so many pockets readily available for picking.

Random grew up an orphaned circus performer. However, once he was an adult it was difficult not to see that the “Big Feet” as he not so lovingly refers to human’s and the other larger races where laughing at him not with him. He soon found ways to take advantage of his stature and circus skills that did not include being part of the Circus anymore so he struck out on his own and soon found it a cold and cruel world.

One day he met a Willing Servant of Chiros, a human that was actually kind to Random and treated him with respect. This Willing Servant helped him find a way to put his skills to better use and get off the street.

Now Random is an adventurer and although he still has a bit of an attitude towards, “Big Feet”. “Big Feet” can be handy in a fight, especially as a distraction to your foes.

Random has also taking a serious liking to Chiros religion, attitude and beliefs and is now working his way toward becoming a Willing Servant of Chiros and putting his talents to use for taking down those that take advantage of others.


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