Andelusiar Hevrastlemach Pickwiggins IV

Pugnacious boggie merchant prince with an airship.


Base 1. Manipulation 3. Fencing 1, Sail 2, Resist 1, KB: Aristocracy 3, CK: Annwheat 2, RK: Freeholds 1, Gossip 1.

  • Attack. 2d jeweled dagger, 3dL.
  • Soak. B: 1. 2t leather. (B: 3, L: 2) Health 6. 0,-1,-2,-3,-4,x (1 difficulty to hit.)
  • Small. Init: 2. Will: 2. Snob. Move: 13m. Cannot sprint.
  • Mastercraft leather torso armor, jeweled dagger (5 sina). 20 +2d20 sina. The Skyrider.

The fat little boggie is fond of buckle shoes with sharp toes and high heels. He likes leather adventuring clothes with ruffles and slashed sleeves on his stubby arms, so as not to hinder his “swordplay.” He has a magnificent hat with a plume a meter long, crimson. His only weapon is a jewel crusted dagger. His pimpled face is oval, with a wide mouth and buck teeth, and staring vacuous blue eyes. His nose is usually leaking, he sniffles (“allergies.”) A massive leather belt covers a sash over his spherical torso. His hip boots look much like ankle boots hitched up a bit. He assumes the airs of nobility, right down to his white cotton driving gloves. His hoarse falsetto voice is relentlessly pretentious.

Under the caustic flow of his shallow self-absorption, those with him for any length of time find that they can handle so much before they mortally offend or bodily injure the toadlike boggie. He is far superior to adventurers because he is richer and he doesn’t have to work for a living. He is condescending to them, a kindness in his mind, as he is not rubbing in his superiority but instead remembering to be generous to those less gifted than himself. If they are richer, he simply notes that they lack his breeding and ineffable style, relying on money to get by.

The Pickwiggins family is merchant royalty. No state has offered them title, but their wealth and generosity combines with a reputation as vicious and vengeful foes that thoroughly answer any insult to their members. Generally they are respected for their power if not for their sparkling personalities.

This particular Pickwiggins won an airship from a Trevass sea wizard in a brutal dice game. It is enchanted to only respond to his commands.

He was last seen doing public service in the late summer, working out of the Guilder Council of Annwheat using his flying ship Skyrider to handle transportation of an urgent nature.

Andelusiar Hevrastlemach Pickwiggins IV

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