Onan Zeheb Silvertongue

Onan is a dwarven convict from a wealthy and influential guilder family...needless to say Onan is the black sheep...


Onan is very profecient with all manner of hand held weapons and with his fists. He’s very strong and very tough but is a tad bit clumsy. He enjoys talking to people and knows almost every language worth knowing in the realm (he doesn’t speak Filias or Dracoris, only one of which he regrets). He carries a bastard sword, which he wields one-handed, and a small shield. He also wears leather armor. He has black hair and blue eyes. He’s 2’-10" and 250 pounds, all muscle.

He’s got Mega Melee 2, Streetwise 3, Resist 3, Brawl 3, Awareness 3, Might 3 and 3 in Equipment. He’s fluent in Dolviak and Skyva and can communicate in Butchok and Heevitch. Everything else is a 1 or 2.

He’s got a Stamina, Strength, Intelligence, Charisma and Wits of 5. He’s also got a Dexterity and Perception of 1.


He recently was saved from a life of slavery, to which he was ordered by a most unsavory judicial process, by the human assassin Yahki Hush, who had been hired by his family to find him and get him out of whatever trouble he had found himself in. The reason for his predicament had to do with a simple tavern brawl that had resulted in the most unfortunate death of a loud-mouthed, snarky, arrogant, turd like imbecile of an elf….who happened to be the great-nephew of the brother of an uncle of some sort of elf nobleman. Whilst in his brief sojourn amongst the vagabonds of slavery, he came into contact with a fellow dwarf and adventurer Baraz, with whom he has been palling around with along with Yahki, seeking adventure, treasure and excitement.

Onan Zeheb Silvertongue

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