A brillant engineer with muscles sculpted from three centuries at the forge.


A male dwarf standing 3’6" with firery red hair and a beard down to his belt.

Loosely associated with the engineers guild of the Freeholds.

Master craft mace (+1d acc from grip, armor piercing spikes on accuracy dice)

After learning a lesson to perhaps not throw beautifully crafted gifts in battle Guntham now uses mastercraft throwing knives. (Dwarven made of course)
(weighted, armor piercing)

Also after seeing the effectiveness of using firearms he has decided to purchase a few more in anticipation of more battles.



Well known and liked in his homeland of Dunmer, Guntham is an exceptional crafter even as dwarfs go. However, his craft is not weapons or armor but machinery; gears and moving parts. But don’t let his odd craft fool you; Guntham spends as much time at the forge as any dwarf worth their name.

At an early age Guntham showed a knack for taking apart and reassembling anything he could get his hands on. By age 60 he was already among the best designers and builders in Dunmer. At 150 he became the youngest assistant forge master in the history of the city and was placed in charge of the special crafters division. For Dunmer’s 800th year anniversary the special crafters division, led by Guntham, crafted and installed massive gear work that could easily open and close the Gates of Dunmer; a pair of two ton doors that previously required a force of dwarfs to open or close and were only used in emergencies. For this gift to the city Guntham was given a beautiful two and a half foot long master craft mace and a pair of master craft throwing axes.

The recent truce between dwarfs and other races has introduced several new technologies to the dwarven city of Dunmer; one of which has become a small obsession of Guntham’s. Guns, black powder, and cannons; Guntham has purchased several of each for the special crafters division and they are busy putting a dwarven spin on the human weapons. He carries a pistol on himself at all times and has become a decent shot with it; though in a real combat situation he will still opt for his sturdy mace and axes- a true dwarf to the end.

On his 320th birthday Guntham decided to quietly leave Dunmer and travel abroad to further expand his craft. So in traveling gear and carrying only his weapons and some smaller tools he set out into the Freeholds. For the past five years he has traveled and learned, and even managed to establish a relationship with the engineers’ guild.


At last the surface world yeilded fruit; an expedition to an underground shrine to Proteax has presented fresh refrences in the world of engineering as well as a spot of fun. Perhaps adventuring in his free time Guntham will uncover more exqusit displays of building and construction. With this new attitude he eagerly awaits the next call to arms.


Fresh from a smash and grab in the abandoned (or not) Steelforge complex Guntham is home bound for a brief period after stopping in with the engineers guild of the Freeholds to promote his latest invention, a shrapnel spraying explosive used most noteably to end the life (rather quickly if he might add) of a werewolf. He returns home to discuss a Dwarven matter, it seems that in his most recent expedition to the Steelforge complex that the where abouts of a Heart of the Hold may have been uncovered and few treasures compare to that of rich Dwarven history.


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