Baraz Gundu

Dwarf Treasure Hunter


Baraz stands 3’ and 210 pounds. He has red hair and bear with slate gray eyes.
His currently travels in a leather breast plate with a short sword and small shield.

While adventuring in the Rellik Arena, he acquired a magic ring.


He grew up in a family of troubleshooter and treasure hunters. Through a series of incident which may have been orchestrated by family, he was kidnapped by slavers of some sort. Through luck and tenacity he’s managed to escaped with some help but never made it home.

He has been thrown in with a lot of other races, which has stretched his already lenient racial views. A lonely journey alone doesn’t appeal to him. He may have decided to instead take his opportunity to make his way in the wide world with fellow escapees.

While this event honed his fighting skill further, it is nothing compared to his talents in security. Of his siblings he was viewed as a prodigy in this area. This may have contributed to some small amount of jealousy and resentment which may have ignited the situation where he was captured by slavers.

While he may be far from his home, his family name is at least known by other dwarves.

Baraz Gundu

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