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Spider Busting in Dweredell

Date: Slithres 16, 1231

The crew returns to the towers, and meets with the Syr and Captain Celadon. The Syr expresses appreciation for their efforts, and gives them a letter granting them housing in the South Annex of the Guardhouse.

As they leave, they meet up with some of the crew from the ship that brought them here. A problem back at port, one that needs an elf and a boggie to resolve. So Tori and Pansy agree to go, overnighting in the Red Hand and leaving in the morning.

The rest of the crew settles into their odd quarters in the Guardhouse, then goes back to the Syr’s Tower all the way up to the top of the lookout, mapping the city in rough terms and also writing notes on what they discovered to date. They leave these notes with the emissaries of the Tracer’s Guild and collect their riding boars, taking them over to the guardhouse.

Guildmaster Dorian wants to meet with them. They immediately dislike his cunning and smarm, but hear him out. He wants to build the city as a sort of a shady haven for criminals, if you read between the lines, and the Syr doesn’t have a clear vision of what it should be but doesn’t like that one. Dorian has tried to work with the Travelers Guild, who have not been responsive.

Dorian suggests if they want to help the city and get better quarters, there is a dwarfhold (Sezaran’s Dwarfhold) that is overrun with psychic spiders. He has arranged for the guide they used before to guide them again, past the Silecs and into the dwarven quarter. They agree to check it out. (Agro is very impressed with the Guildmaster’s bacon flavored bourbon, and the Guildmaster suggests he gets such things for those who are his trusted employees.)

They go to investigate the dwarfhold after meditating to regain health and energy. In the meantime, Agro’s silec-addicted friend scores some, and demonstrates fresh calm and tremendous strength and toughness.

They get to the dwarfhold, seeing how the spiders are flaunting some corpses to warn others off. There seems to be only one way in (though they don’t believe that.) They go in and clash with spiders, knocking down the ones in the entryway. They find a tavern-looking space, and are jumped by more spiders. The venom of the spiders makes the victims feign death, and both Rothchilde and Rook are dropped; Agro barely manages to grab them and escape. He is allowed to go. Unfortunately, Rook and Rothchilde drop their weapons and wand!

Agro convinces the guards to send a doctor to check out his friends, and the doctor determines that they appear dead but are just drugged, and will wake the next day. Agro guards them overnight.

The next day they drink what healing potions they have left after they wake, and they spend the day resting and recovering.

That night a big spider comes to the window and psychically communicates as a conduit, they speak to the mind behind the spiders. It turns out the spiders followed adventurer dwarf thieves back here to reclaim what the dwarves took from them, and they have it, and they will eat the whole town. The crew does not agree to help, so big spiders move in to finish them off.

One belches stomach acid on the door, eating through it; Rothchilde, no longer swarmed by spiders, pulls off a knockout spell that takes the spider out. Rook opens the door and Agro rushes out, fighting two while Rook keeps one from getting to Rothchilde. He casts knockout again, and they were victorious, stabbing the dead spiders and dragging them to a massive pile.

They report this to Captain Celadon, get some municipal healing potions, and hire a bodyguard for Rothchilde (named Merton, a drunk at the market who demands 5 sina.)

The next morning they go in again, battling through the spiders with heavy use of knockout magic, and getting to a big chapel-looking area full of webs. There they find the queen spider, with magical objects studding her legs and torso as she drools over and fondles their stolen equipment.

They are attacked by a swarm of spiders, but they valiantly weather the attack and charge the queen herself as Rothchilde counterspells her magical attacks. They hew her down, and the resulting shock disorients and demoralizes what spiders are left. Rothchilde’s ability to see magic allows them to loot the queen thoroughly.

Rothchilde pulls off 5 rings, 4 shortswords, 2 wands, 2 longswords, 1 great mace, 6 magic coins, and 3 armbands! Also, he realizes her lungs used to be spellbooks; not sure if they are worth anything now, he cuts them out and takes them along.

They briefly report to Captain Celadon, then wearily retreat to the South Annex. Job well done!



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