Fantasy Masks

SSG Dinford

The Search for the Sleeping Goddess Begins

Prothres 26, 1231

Euclid and Tempest arrived in Dinford first, getting rooms at the Stony Gaze tavern by Eastgate. Pansy, Torhi, and Rothchilde journeyed to Dinford via Ulbor, arriving together and reuniting with the others. Mara Nocturne shadowed the group, keeping tabs on them with her remarkable senses.

Earlier, Euclid and Tempest had located Khuzomia house, but it was too late in the day to visit; they decided to go in the morning. They passed an uneventful night in the tavern (or, in Toree’s case, in the stable. He was broke.)

Visiting the Scholar
They visited Khuzomia, but no one answered the door. The man who ran the herb shop downstairs let them in through a trapdoor up into the scholar’s quarters, and they found a room locked from the inside with Khuzomia tied to a chair, beaten, and stabbed to death days ago at least. They aired it out, and as Rothchilde dissuaded the shopkeep from calling the guard right away, they looked it over.

Tory noted old rat holes, one of which had bloody little pawprints leaving. No rats had been at the body, but rats had obviously been in the place; the garbage, nesting in old books, etc. It looked like the books had been quickly searched, and lots of paper burned in the fireplace.

The guards arrived; one was disconcerted by a murder, the other was pretty matter-of-fact about it and headed off to report the murder to his superiors. The adventurers were released but instructed not to leave town.

(More to come!)



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