Fantasy Masks

Endless Death in the Dark

Dumped in an eternal grave

Rothchilde worked on identifying a few more magic items, and as they settled further into the dwarfhold, they received a visitor one evening. A portly messenger named Kendrik invited them to Master Thell’s home for a banquet in their honor, for their efforts on behalf of the city. They were suspicious, so he explained further that Master Thell dealt in alcohol on every side of the law, and could use some allies in the business.

The next evening Kendrick picked them up and escorted them to Thell’s home, backed up to the Inner Wall on the inside. They passed the fence and the hungry war-boars that guarded the place, then inside and down into a banquet chamber. They were feasted, and Thell invited them to join his business and help with its various concerns. Then he stepped out so they could discuss it.

While they were discussing the proposition, the stairs folded into the walls and the chairs and table dropped, and a hole opened in the middle of the banquet hall. Crossbowmen at arrow slits aimed at them. Thell’s voice boomed at them that their only way out was through the hole, and to say hello to Vellis for him. They were drugged; only Rothchilde succumbed, but the others were woozy. They climbed down a chain into the stinking dark. As a final act of defiance, Euclid left a glowing sigil of St. Midrian on the wall. To remind them what they’d done.

The adventurers found many corpses. Lots of them had red tunics, and no skull (though the rest of the head was there.) They crept through the weird maze where all the doors had been wrenched aside by supernatural strength, trying to evade some strange sing-songy insane voice. They found a dark magic tree, and avoided that. Eventually they wandered to what might be a way out, far above. They continued exploring, and fought the strange man with no skull in his head, several times. They kept killing him, and he kept re-spawning. They found the pool of blood he was climbing out of. They also found a statue of a tree with a skull under it, in a pool of blood.

While Agro suppressed the re-spawning wizard, the others managed to topple the tree and freeze the centipedes below and break the skull under the tree. So ended the wizard. Apparently he was a “survivor” from the wizard war with the dwarves, driven mad by his magics and endless centuries of depraved slaying in the dark.

They returned to the exit point, and Rothchilde levitated them all out. They found themselves in an abandoned dwarven temple to Khorus outside the Inner Wall.

They returned home to the dwarfhold to regroup, and then stealthed to Thell’s house. Rook snuck in, found him, and slit his throat. She was only seen by one guard as she crossed the wall, leaving. They were satisfied, and they returned home.

The next day, Kendrik made the rounds in the marketplace announcing he was now in charge of alcohol distribution, and no one made a fuss. Kendrik also sent a massive feast to the dwarfhold in carts, so the Silec ate well that night. It was his way of suggesting everyone let bygones be bygones. The characters sent him a thank-you note, tacitly agreeing.



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